Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Inspiration :)

Benefits of Surat Al Khaf ♡

Every practising muslim, knows that Friday is not a day to joke about - it's the most holiest day in the week (in Islam) where one is encouraged, to pray , stay away from sins and read the quran whilst engaging in as many good deeds as possible.

Surat Al Khaf is one of those Friday reading rituals , that the prophet encouraged the ummah to take part in. Yes,  reading any surat in the quran on a Friday, will grant you many blessings and is highly encouraged. However, Surat Al Khaf was particularly mentioned by the Prophet Muhammed himself to be read on a friday.

This blessed surat, has been  said to have  the benefit of protecting the reader (you) away from trouble and 'fitnah' during the week (between this friday until next friday) . It has also been said, that it is was highlighted by Muhammed PBUH as one on of the surats, that will make the reader immune to the Djaal when his time comes, to disease the world. As well as that, this surah has many interesting stories that give you tips and advice to apply to your everyday life.

 "Whoever reads (Suratul) Kahf on yaumul Jumuah, he is immune for 8 days from all fitnah that will happen. When the Dajjal comes out, he will be immune to him." - Muhammed PBUH (Ibn Mardwiyah Al Daiya' in "Al Mukhtaar" related that Ali ~ may Allah be pleased with him ~ said that the Messenger of Allah ~ stated this)

Personally everytime I read this surat, I learn something new either, by interpreting a particular line in a different way, or just straight up focusing more on a point that I didn't neccessarily notice the time before. It surprises me, at how much I can relate the stories and the advice given in it, to my week and everyday life. Subhanallah, everytime I read it - it feels like it was written just for me. It's true what they say, the Quran is definitly like having a one on one conversation with Allah. Surat Al Khaf , is deffo one of those surat's that can help you to digest your week and think of what you have accomplished and how well it went. 

My favourite story, in this surat is the one about Musa when he meets this wise man and he does things that Musa  doesn't understand and then eventually he tells him why. Look out for that story when you read it :)

If you're in a rush, don't own a quran or just interested what this surat is about (Muslim OR non-Muslim) I have posted this video (taken from youtube)that has an audio recitation of the Surat, with ENGLISH and ARABIC translations - for you to read and listen to at the same time.

Listen and Read with an open mind and marvel at how amazing and true this blessed surat is !

Stay Blessed and JUM3A MUBARKA


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pray Just Do It !

Yoga, excerise, therapy lessons are all great ways to get over a stressful way and unwind however, none are quiet as effective as the good old traditional method of 'prayer'. Almost every single religion out there, encourages it's followers to do some form of excersice known as 'prayer'. In Islam, it is reffered to as 'salah' and practising muslims have to apply 'salah' in to their everyday life, practising it 5 times a day - at certain time intervals.

This does not only, help to organise your day  - as one usually finds themselves planning out their everyday tasks around their prayers but it also, keeps you in check with your emotions and well being.

Imagine that, 5 times a day being allowed to zone out the world and focus solely on yourself and your deeds/ your creator. It's amazing. Especially, if it's done right. You'll feel, more calm, happier and energisid.

It has been scientifically proven that the simple excersices carried out during salah, help to relieve tension in the body and improve blood circulation. As well as, improve your overall fitness. Don't believe me? Check out this site for a detailed coverage of  how salah affects your body.

Thats why, for salah ... prayer ... I say ... JUST DO IT!

Stay Blessed,

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Remember Allah & He Will Remember You ♡

They say, when you feel really depressed , hopeless and that you're missing something in your life. Then it's really your hearts' way of telling you, it's missing it's creator. They say, that the heart needs the nourishment of the deen aka religion and some time devoted to it's creator - God in order to be healthy and so when you feel like you're heartbroken and theres nothing much you can do with life ... because lets admit it life sucks sometimes; it's your heart moaning 'hey man, I need to have a conversation with God.'

Once upon a time, I wasn't close to Islam as I am now. I went through this phase in my life, when I was really caught up with the world. I was intact with my religion, doing the basics like praying, fasting etc but I didn't really understand much of it - just the basic things that I needed to know. At that time, I would go through these phases, when I got really depressed and peeved at the world. Teenage hormones what can I say??  Anyway, so I picked up the Quran, after a suggestion from my dad and I started reading it. After reading a couple of pages, I started feeling a lot better. Like this huge lump was taking off my chest and I could breathe again, feeling much more happier, relaxed and pleased with myself. I can't really explain the feeling, you have to feel it yourself. But, it's very different from any sort of happiness that you can get.So now, everytime my heart starts to hurt abit and I feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with life, I pick up the Quran and just read. Any surat, any time, anywhere. It's the perfect remedy, to fix a broken heart and an unsatisfied mind.

I definetly recommend it. Try it and once you get that feeling I just told you about, I promise you won't regret it. ~ The best advice you can get, is from your creator. The best conversation you can have is with your creator~

Stay Blessed,

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