Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year's Eve Dine Out ♡

Ready ... Set ... DROOL!
Wooooody Griiiiiiiill
The other tasteful choices ....
Hey Lovelies,

If your stuck with where to dine out for New Years Eve in London, then look no further than Woody Grill ! This tasteful little turkish restaurant , set in the heart of West London, by Shepherd Bush market , down the street from Westfield ;  is the perfect place to dine in before the clock turns midnight. There are a variety of dishes to choose from , that range from a quick bite burger actually let me rephrase that HUMUNGOUS FULFILLING burger ... to your everyday DELICIOUS rice with a side curry dish. The prices are affordable and they are very generous with how much they fill your plate.

Woody Grill, is by far my family and I's favourite restaurant in West London, actually my dad, sister and I spent last new years eve dining in it. What can I say ... we love it! My favourite thing about the restaurant is the middle eastern vibe that the restaurant is just bursting with - even though Woody Grill is actually a Turkish place ... it's always packed with large families and groups of friends who are out having a typical good night with good food and of course good company.

Which is why , I really reccommend for all you lovely people to check out this place. The food is great, the prices are affordable, the staff is really helpful , the owner  who you will spot like straight away ... is really funny and a generally nice man. I don't know about you but, when I'm out for New Years Eve ... or actually any big night I always like to surround myself with good energy and fun loving people and Woody Grill definitly gives me that. I also, love the fact that when I go there, especially with my family -  there is something that everyone can eat ( my siblings are really picky eaters) and the staff aren't really fussed about any mess you make, they actually come and clean up straight away and are constantly checking up on you ... which is why the place is literally spot less! They also give free complementary bread and two dips when you eat in , as a starter ... and everyone loves yummy free food, right?! [ see above pics]

Two things to look out for when you go there is ... Woody Grill is always crowded and super noisy , so if you're not really in to the loud scene then it's not the place for you. Secondly, before you pay your bill, I really do recommend that you check the price of everything you orded, because they do have a little thing with sometimes getting your bill wrong and sometimes they may overcharge you ... so make sure you doublecheck how much you are supposed to pay before doing so. Apart from that, do check out this New Year Eve , especially if you love fast food, turkish food or you happen to be a crazy fun loving arab , persian or turk because I know you guys love your big meals and big family and gatherings!

Wishing you a very blessed New Year ,

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Blackberry Curve Review ♡

Hey Lovelies,

Today I am going to be writing an honest and heartfelt post about something that is very dear to my heart ... my blackberry. LOL. But seriously, who doesn't treat their phone like their child?!

I've had my Blackberry Curve 8900 for less than 2 years now and personally, I am not amused. At first, I was really excited - it was like carrying my whole world in a little device, I could stay updated on facebook 24/7 , keep constant communication with my friends through BBM and ofcourse it was so easy to text and stay online and be social. However, after the first year passed by ... thats when things started going downhill. Firstly, the phone is constantly freezing and when it's not freezing it's just being slow or non responsive. Secondly, the BBM app started to bug me ... I don't have anything against my friends (I kept my bbm pin very private so only some people had it) but it was so annoying, to be constantly 'pinged' at 2 am only to find out that you have been added to a useless group conversation with people you dont even know or care about or... someone sent out a broadcast which goes along the lines off ... 'anyone up?' what the fudge?! It's not just that but after updating your phone ... fyi it will always require updates ... the blackberry app service will bug you until you do but, your phone starts to become even more unresponsive, slow and keeps freezing. Not just that, but you'd have to learn how to use the functions all over again and the battery life is so low . I have to carry around an extra fully charged battery with me just in case!

Like many people, I can't live without my phone ; it's always with me. Always. However, recently I have just not even be bothered to check it. I just got a new one - as the old one just went crazy and malfunctioned and only a month after having my old one replaced, the new one has just started malfunctioning. None of the buttons work, the ones that work give you another letter or carry out another job that I didn't even ask for and lastly, I have to keep taking off the battery and putting it back in, just to check my texts ... after ten years of notoriously clicking the scroll button to direct it where I want it to be.

My server is Vodafone ... not T-Mobile , like the picture I posted. Vodafone, is an okay company ... however, they love overcharging. The first few months I got my phone my bill went through the roof ! Their 'minutes text' are 72 hours behind ... so when they tell you that you have 300 minutes left ... they really mean 150 minutes if not less.  However, if you get a warranty for your phone; which by the way you will NEED , they will be able to fix or swap your phone for a new one.  I cannot emphasise how important it is to get your phone a warranty ... yes they will charge you about £5 - £6 a month extra but, it's a really important thing to have if you are purchasing a Blackberry. It will malfunction , it will freeze constantly and you will be always throwing it in anger and frustration.

I personally believe that the BB hype is over-rated. Yes, blackberry's are fun gadgets to carry around and stay in contact with your friends ... but I would not advice anyone in getting one after the experience I have had with my one. Some of my friends have blackberries , they love their phone and they don't mind the technical difficulties that they experience, unlike me they don't mind being constantly bugged on BBM, they have more patience for dealing with their freezing phones and the random malfunctioning 'mood swings' the blackberry usually goes through. They absoloutly LOVE them. I don't.

 The only great thing which I love about the blackberry is , the sleek design and the portable size, I also love dressing my blackberry up with cute covers and checking my e-mails as well as surfing the internet. The pictures that it takes are clear and it has flash! The videos are good definition as well.

For more information or if you have a question tweet me at : or e-mail me at

Do you have a Blackberry? What is your experience like using it? Comment & Keep me updated !

Stay Blessed,

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My Holiday Nails ♡

Tis' The Season To Be Jolly !

La Colours : Anitique Burgundy

La Colours : Sparkling Diamonds Top Coat
Hey Lovelies,
I have been in such a bubbly christmas spirit lately and I just had to paint my nails in accordance to the season ; just as a fun way to express myself and it also makes a fun post for you guys !One of my all time goals is to enjoy christmas and make the most out of the festive season. Sparkles and the colour Red always remind me of the fun season, so by painting my nails in the two colours ; I always have the remainder of 'enjoy christmas' with me ... on my nails - in a totally cute way!
The look is so simple, anyone can do it and what I've basically done is used one coat of the 'La Colours; Antique Burgundy' as the base... I've only applied one coat because two coats came out really dark and a bit murky in my opinion. After the colour dried (it didn't take that long ... around a couple of seconds really) I applied the 'La Colours ; Sparkly Diamonds' as a top coat and it literally caused my nails to become instantly glamourous and sparkly! Yaaay !
I really advice you guys to try out this look, not only is it so simple but it's really fun, it goes with the theme of the month ad it really inspires you to have fun and make the most out of the month and in general life. I absoloutly love it, I can't stop looking at my nails and I would definetly rock this look for a christmas party and maybe even new years eve.
Some Extra Advice : If you don't like red then why not try other fun christmasy colours like green ... I was tempted to choose the colour for sparkles but I couldn't help picking silver just because it's super sparkly, lovely and totally fun. The silver contrasts really well with the burgundy and it sparkles in the light; making it extra cute to wear.
What do your holiday nails look like ? Have you tried this look ? If so keep me posted ! & Follow me on twitter ...
Stay Blessed,

Monday, 19 December 2011

La Sposa ; Bridal Dresses ♡

Bien Savvy - Rochii de mireasa - La Sposa 2012 - Samba

La Sposa Wedding Dresses 2012 — Glamour Bridal Collection | Wedding...

La Sposa 2012 Wedding Dresses — Ballgown Bridal Collection | Wedding...

Hello Lovelies ,
Today I am going to be doing a review about a store that I came across a couple of days ago, whilst flicking through one of my various magazines. The store is 'La Sposa' and it specialises in selling gorgeous collections of bridal dresses. Although, I am not getting married anytime soon, I just couldn't resist drooling over these little pieces of custom perfection.

Whilst looking through the bridal dresses, the first thing I noticed is that they are all gorgeous! Each time , I saw one I'd be like 'there can't be a nicer one than this' and then BAM the next dress would be equally if not more beautiful and absoloutly stunning, with a unique twist. They are so classic and if like me, ever since you were about 6 all you dreamt about was having that perfect fairytale wedding (haha dont judge) then these dresses are definitly going to suit your taste.

So if your wedding is coming up soon, or you happen to know someone who is engaged and looking ... I highly recommend for you to check out this store. They have a large range of dresses to choose from , ranging from 'chic' to 'glamourous', 'simple' to 'elaborate' with a classical touch. I've posted a couple of my favourite designs up here ^ so you can see for yourself!

Oh and if your not going to be a bride soon but, like me you cannot help but adore these chic dresses, they also sell wedding and party dresses that are also, posh and molto bello !

La Sposa Official Website:
*it's in Italian, as the brand is Italian - the reason why its so chic!
They do deliveries to selected countries check out this link for more detail and to see if your country / city is listed : 

There is also a bridal store in London, that sells La Sposa designs:

London Brides
17 Seymour Place,

Stay Blessed,

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Persian Night Out ♡

Lamb Kebab with Rice.

Chicken Briyani
Hey Lovelies,

Sunday is not my favourite day of the week I don't know why, but it always seems so dreary and typically boring in England ; mainly because all the shops close early and Monday comes afterwards. So all I really do is stress over the upcoming tasks I have to do for next week. Not Fun. However, this Sunday was different - my cousins came over all the way to London to come and spend the day with us, so obviously we had to go out and show them around a bit.

We took them off to Bayswater, where spent the evening walking around Whitely and the nearby stores and then dining at Sadaf Persian Cuisine.

I've never tasted Persian Food before, so this was my first time and honestly, I loved it. I definetly advice you guys to check out 'Sadaf Persian Cuisine'  and try out their Chicken Briyani, if you don't like chicken you can always try lamb or vegetable option because they offer that too. It's so delish! In terms of location, I'd say that the restaurant is set in the heart of London (Bayswater) it's quiet simple to track down and it's the perfect environment for a first date, a catch up with a friend or a family night out. When we went there, it was really quiet and a bit empty hence, they were able to seat all of us! However, I doubt it's always that empty. So ... yeah ... it's definitly worth visiting and spending the evening dining in. Keep in mind, it's not the place to casually walk in to and request service ... it's a bit posh for that .

Overall, it was a really nice night out with the family (it's always great to catch up with loved ones). What did you do last weekend that was fun? Comment and keep me updated!

Until then ...Stay Blessed,

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hello December ♡

Hey Everyone,

It's finally December and woosh it feels like 2011, just flew by ! I have to say, that I am so excited for this month; December is one of the best times in the year for me! Everyone seems so happy and everything seems just so fabulous ! I love it. I personally do not celebrate christmas, as I am not a christian however, it's hard not to get in to the festive spirit especially when you are living in London, like me !

My favourite winter traditions, this month are; watching christmas disney movies whilst sipping hot cocoa and snuggled up on the sofa with a duvet and chunky socks to keep me warm, going to the cinema and then playing out in the snow with my lovelies, early brunches and days out (because it gets darker earlier), ice skating down westfield (even though I am going to be skipping that this year, due to this recent medical condition) but, I am deffo going to enjoy watching my siblings and friends get it on and of course, shopping, shopping, shopping need I say more?

There are so many things, I am looking forward to this month and I will hopefully be sharing all of the 'interesting' bits with you. So keep checking back :) In the mean time, tell me do you have any winter "christmas" traditions ? What are you looking forward to most this December?

Stay Blessed,

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