Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ramadan Nights : Facts you never knew about Salah (prayer)

Did you know ? 

1) Between each Salah you make, the minor sins of yours are forgiven? & Between each Jumaah Salah you make, all the sins of that week are forgiven ? 

Did you know ? 

2) When you carry out proper Wudhu, your sins are washed away. For example,  when you wash your face, all your sins that you committed with your eyes e.g. not lowering your gaze, get washed away too and the same thing applies to when you wash your hands, all the sins that you committed with your hands get washed away likewise with your feet! So by the time you finish Wudhu, you are FREE from sins !

Did you know ? 

3) When you decide to pray in a mosque, every step you take towards the mosque is a sin forgiven and your rank risen in Jannah !

Did you know ? 

4) That when you decide to pray, angels pray for you before you even pray.

Did you know? 

5) When you begin to pray all your sins are on top of you like a mountain and with every sujood you make your sins fall off !

Did you know? 

6) Every time you make a sujood to Allah your rank is risen in jannah and a sin is forgiven ? 

Did you know ?

7) If after each prayer you said :
Subhanallah - 33 times
Alhamdu'allah - 33 times
Allahu Akbar - 34 times
La Illah Ila Allah Wahdahu La Shareek Lahu, Lahu Al Mulk Wa Lah Al Hamd Wa Hu Al Alyy Al A'deem - 1 time


and remember .... 

.... So why are you not praying yet ? 

Stay Blessed & Ramadan Kareem , 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ramadan Nights : lectures that will change your life

Salam ,

I've put together a few of my favorite lectures here, that are definitely worth listening to. Hope you have a notebook next to you, to jot down a tips and notes on. Enjoy !

Lectures less than 30 minutes ...

Quit Bad Habits - Wisam Sharieff 

Hold on to the Quran - Nouman Ali Khan

The Party At Jannah - Nouman Ali Khan

Purification of the Soul - Omar Suleiman 

Lectures over 30 minutes...

Islam and Ego - Nouman Ali Khan 

Lectures over 1 hour ...

Taking Hold of Your Future - Nouman Ali Khan

Salah The Greatest Gift - Farhin Abdul Azeez 

For more great Islamic lectures check out this YouTube page Quran Weekly
& Don't forget to post your favorite Islamic lectures on the comments !

Stay Blessed & Ramadan Kareem, 

Ramadan Nights : Islam for Success

This video is a classic example as to why the Islamic population of the planet need to step up their game.  The Quran is packed with useful tips about being successful and racing in the direction of success however, some of us sadly, are too blind to see.

Here are a few tips that will (insh'allah) guide you to SUCCESS:

1) Have Faith & Do Good : By having faith and believing that everything in life happens for a reason and that Allah has a plan just for you; you are less likely to be depressed when things don't go your way. Actually, you'll go the exact opposite and you will work even harder praying that Allah is guiding you to something even better and more worth your time. Something you know you deserve.

“How wonderful is the situation of the believer, for all his affairs are good. If something good happens to him, he gives thanks for it and that is good for him; if something bad happens to him, he bears it with patience, and that is good for him. This does not apply to anyone but the believer.” - Prophet Muhammed PBUH(Narrated by Muslim, no. 2999).

2) Focus on the PRESENT : As tempting as it is sometime to hang around in the past because it's 'safer', you just have to accept the fact that the past is history.  It's not coming back, no you don't have a time machine and there is no such thing as that rewind remote control that would be so useful if it only just existed ! But what you do have, is 'istaghfaar' (seeking forgiveness) from Allah. That, my friend is even more powerful than any imaginery time machine. Use it wisely - especially during this holy month when the gates of heaven are open and hell all closed. Also, it's completly natural to focus on the future and obsess over it , I know I did almost everyday - a horrible habit I know which caused me so much stress, mentally and physically ! But did you know, that the future is unknown ? It doesn't exist ! No one can define your future aside from God ! So if you want an amazing future, then just improve your relationship with subhana- wa- ta'alah by praying to him, asking for forgiveness, making lots of duaa's for yourself and your family and even strangers and of course trusting him and building a good relationship with Him.

3) PRAY : I cannot even explain the importance of prayer (salah) from the amount of times that its mentioned in the Quran , almost every surat I believe , to the amount of times its mentioned in the hadiths. Prayer is the ultimate key to success and getting what you want in this world and the next. So make sure you keep up with your prayers , the mandotary ones, the sunnah ones and any other extra ones you wish to do. If you do , have issues with carrying out your salah or maybe you'd like a few tips on how to make your salah as beneficial as possible I highly recommend you clink on this link .

4) Trust Allah : In Arab the word for trusting Allah, is called 'itwakil' which basically means handing over your problems to God and trusting him to guide you to the right direction. This certain excersice really depends on your faith with God but, once you are able to 'itwakil' then you will have so many less headaches and you will be able to live a much happier and inshallah a better blessed life.

Some more tips on how to be successful by Brother Nouman Ali Khan ...

I hope this post has inspired you to be successful in your life. If you do have any more tips you would like to share, please don't hesitate to comment below. I look forward to reading your input.

Stay Blessed & Ramadan Mubarak,

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ramadan Nights : Pray your way to Jannah

Salah (prayer) is one of those important daily islamic rituals that unfortunatly many Muslims take for granted. Simply because they don't think they have enough time during the day to dedicate 2 minutes to praising God, or they just don't believe in it's amazing effects on one's life.

Ramadan, is the perfect time to regenerate that connection with God. After all, that is what Salah is all about ; spending a few minutes in deep conversation with God. Personally, after Salah I always feel refreshed and complete. The only times when I don't get that feeling is when I have rushed my Salah or sadly, let other matters get in the way of my concentration. However, this Ramadan I am ready  to make a difference in my prayer practise and I'd like you to join me.

Tips for making the most out of your Salah :

1) Before making your Salah, think of this : Have you ever considered the fact that you are praying to the king of kings ? That when you hear the adhan or check your prayer times, you get this overwhelming feeling that your lord is calling you upon him?

2)  Rather than considering salah as one of those long daily rituals you have to carry out because it's part of the 'deen' - why not look at it as meanginful conversation with God. A time during the day where you put all your worldly matters in the hands of God and ask him to bless you and help you. You know He can.

3) When you're praying avoid looking up at the sky or around you, no matter how fidgety you can be. This only makes you distracted and will take the worth out of your Salah. How would you like it if you are having a conversation with someone and they keep turning away ? The best way to stop this from happening, is praying in a quiet room away from all the noise and distractions of life.

4) Avoid being paranoid . By that I mean, don't overthink stuff like 'did you carry out wudhu properly' 'how many sajadah have you got left' again that will only distract you. It's also shaytaan's greatest weapons against you to make you stay away from practising the perfect prayer. So whenever you feel paranoid istaeed be Allah from the shaytan .

5) Don't recite your prayers silently and don't recite them too loud. Try to reach a medium. This will stop your thoughts from getting you confused with your recitation and also increase your concentration levels.

6) Give each letter, each movements and each duaa its moment. Just because 'allahu akbar' takes less time and less effort than the 'tashawud' doesn't mean you take it less seriously.

7) Take your time! That soap opera your watching is not going to vouch for you on judgement day. Set your priorities straight.


Namaaz means Compulsory Prayer.

A practise that I'd like to do during this holy month is incorperating Sunnah Salah to my daily compulsory salah.  I have always wanted to do this however, life tends to get in the way and I never really got the chance. However, this Ramadan is the perfect time to make a new habit.

If you don't know what sunnah salah is, its basically the extra prayers that Prophet Muhammed PBUH used to do along with his compulsory prayers.

The Sunnah Prayers are :

Fajer : 2 extra Rak'ahs before compulsory fajr salah
Dhuhr : 4 extra Rak'ahs before compulsory dhuhr salah and 2 Rak'ahs after.
Maghrib : 2 Rak'ahs after compulsory maghrib salah
Isha : 2 Rak'ahs after compulsory isha salah and 1,3,5,7 or 9 Rak'ahs of Witr.

Let's make our Salah as perfect and as complete as possible during this Ramadan. Inshallah this will become one of the many GOOD habits that we develop this holy month.

Stay Blessed,

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ramadan Nights : GETTING READY !

The best way to make the most out of something, is to prepare for it beforehand. Ramadan, is no different !

As the most spiritual month of them all, Ramadan requires so much preparation and dedication than any other month in your life and by that, I don't mean buying lots of food from the store, as if you were going in to hibernation mode! Not at all. I am talking about, doing the little things that will Inshallah bring you further to being a better person, a better Muslim and of course being closer to God.

So here's my top tips to making the most out of this month :

1) Ramadan is a time where you reflect on your past actions, your habits and your personality as well as relationships. Its the time to repent, regroup and refocus. So I really advice you guys, to get a notebook , get some time to yourself and just think back at all your habits that you'd like to change, things that you've done that you're not particularly proud of or you know you could have done better and just think and write everything that comes to your head. Then, on a new page , write down all the things that you'd like to be (or do) it doesn't matter how big or little they are, how far-fetched or down right simple just write . it . down. think forward. On, the third page write down a list of all your future & present plans and all the traits that you'd like to have and be. I personally like to focus on my personality during this excersice simply because I am always focusing on my career and my outer-self on regular days, so I like to spend Ramadan on changing my inner self.

2) Start thinking of ways of reaching your goals. Put your plans to action straight away e.g. if one of your goals is to spend more time with your family , start by offering to help your parents or one of your siblings with something. They'd appreciate it and you'd start to see the results of your goal in no time! Also, don't forget to make loads of duaa's in order for your goals to come true and also to have Allah's blessing.

3) Ramadan is about having a fresh start. So get rid of all the extra baggage before the month starts - by making amends with those who you are not talking to ( if you can't just make a duaa for them ) Forgive those who have hurt you or done you wrong and don't just tell yourself to forgive them really think about it and mean it (again if you can't just say 'hasbee allah wa ni'im el wakeel' and leave it for Allah to deal with) This is also a really good time, to stay away from bad friends (those who have the wrong influence on you) try to keep good company ( the mosque is a good place to start, maybe your family too?)

4) Get your Quran ready & arrange a little plan that will get you reading the Quran every night.

5) Get your prayer timetable ready.

6) Thank Allah for the year you've had and for everything. Ask for forgivness for your past mistakes. Start now.

7) Shower and wash away the year you've just had because you're about to embark on your best year yet . Starting from this month.

Are you ready ? 

A Thousand Ramadan Nights

It is now that the gates of heaven have been open, now that the gates of hell have been closed. It is now that the devils have been chained. And it is now that Allah(swt) has given you the chance to live to witness this night, and to inshaAllah witness this blessed month till its end. Remember that He(swt) has granted you the blessing of living to witness this for a reason. (quote taken from}

  Don't waste it. Think. Reflect. Repent. Make A CHANGE.   

It brings me the greatest pleasure to wish everyone reading this blog.... a very happy and BLESSED RAMADAN! 

This holy month, I am going to be introducing a special edition segment to my blog called 'A thousand Ramadan Nights'. Basically, this segment will last for the entire month - during this time, I will be posting up all kinds of advice, tips, duaa's, videos etc on a daily basis (that's every night folks!) to help YOU make the most out of YOUR Ramadan. 

I really cannot wait to get started, Ramadan is my FAVOURITE month of them all and the fact, that this year I will be sharing my journey through it with my readers makes me even more happier!

Inshallah it will all be worth it  


Monday, 9 July 2012

Secrets of Truly Happy People

Hey Dolls !

I recently found this really inspirational video on YouTube that , changed my day by making me even more inspired and helped me deal with this little dillemma that has been taking over my life lately.

Bubz Tips in a Nutshell

  1. Your FUTURE has no room for your PAST.
  2. SUFFERING comes from believing your thoughts. So never hesitate to question your thoughts, just like you'd question everything else.
  3. Always focus on, SOLUTION , LESSON LEARNT, ACCEPTING then of course MOVING FORWARD!
  4.  Mind your own business, worry about your life.
  5. Focus your energy on being positive than being negative.
  6. What you give you recieve - so give out happiness and you will receive happiness!
I also really liked Bubz story about the wolves , the bitter wolf and happy wolf . It reminded me of another story I read in Rhonda Byrne's bestseller 'The Power', where she referred to emotions as wild horses. So whenever you find yourself angry, sad or just frustrated you just think of yourself as being on a wild horse that represents that emotion and then laugh it off and tell yourself to get off the horse !

Always aspire to be the best you can be. You're the main star of your lifestory so what do you want to be ?

Stay Blessed,

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