Saturday, 21 January 2012

Meet Islam ♡


It's more than just a religion. It's a way of life.

Islam, means something different to everyone. This post, is about how I see Islam. If you don't already know, I am a Muslim - so no, this isn't one those posts where I voice my view on something that I've recently learned about or anything like that. I've been Muslim since the day I was born and inshallah until the day I die.

Islam to me, represents simplicity. It's about believing in one God. Putting all your faith and trust in him and knowing that one day you will face him and you will be judged for everything you do / did. It's about believing in the message that Prophet Muhammed was assigned to bring to humanity as well as , all the other prophets such as Moses, Abraham, Loot, Issa (Jesus) etc. It's about believing in angels who record your every deed whether it be good or bad. It's also about believing that everything in this life is written in a book - that only Allah knows about. 

He is the creator and to Him we will all return one day.

Islam, is about building a strong relationship  with your creator. It's about not being affected with this world or in arabic 'dunya'. This world, it's hard for us to not be attached to. But, once you've figured out that Jannah (that's paradise for all you non arabic speakers) is where your true heart lies, then dismissing this 'dunya' will get easier and easier by the day.

However, luckily Islam doesn't make you sacrifice that much, if anything at all. If you've read the Quran then you will know what I am talking about - if you haven't then I really recommend you do, even if you are not a Muslim. All Islam asks of us, is to be a good role model. To be a good citizen. To set good examples. To be good to your parents and treat them with respect. Most of all, it's about believing in one God.

If you call to Him, He will answer you . If you walk to Him, He will run to you. If you turn to Him, He will shower His blessings on you. 

So, before you judge Islam make sure you've read the Quran for yourself. Because it really has different meanings and a different story to tell for each of us. 

& Remember, Islam is Perfect , Muslims not so much.

Stay Blessed,

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