Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blue Blood Series ♡

So if you follow me on twitter then you have probably seen me get high over the addictive book series by  Melissa de La Cruz "Blue Bloods". I cannot stress how much I love this series, I actually have read the whole book series in one month and I am currently waiting thirstly, for the last installment of the series , 'Gates of Paradise' which is out January 2013.

It's been a while since I got hooked on a book, the reason being is that after reading so many books in my time. I got used to the style of the writer and would accuratly guess the ending of each story half way through, which isn't really fun and after a while very boring. Which is why when I got hold of 'Blue Bloods'I was elated to find a book , that was always one step ahead of the read ; Melissa de la Cruz definitly knows what a 'cliffhanger' is no joke.

The story is set in New York city and it revolves around the life of the upper class of the upper east side. It is revolves around a high school outcast , 'Schuyler Van Alen' who later finds out that she is a vampire and so are all the 'popular' , talented classmates at school are, including the exceptionally hot Jack Force. Schuyler's secret crush and her arch rivals brother and bondmate. She also finds out that her bestfriend , 'Oliver' has actually known about her secret all along and  has been assigned to protect her and support her ever since his birth, it's a family tradition. Cruz gives a twist to the 'vampire themed story' by giving the vampires a history ; as fallen angels, who are now reformed and trying to win their place back to God's heaven. The backstory is a bit more complicated and interesting than I have stated, but you know - you have to read the book , as Melissa teasingly feeds you all the best bits across each page turning book. Alas, this is not just your average high school , gossip girl themed story book packed with mean girls and heart throbbing jocks. Hell no, that's only the first book really; which spells everything out for you so you can understand and guess the clues that are later introduced in the other books. Oh and by the way, each book is set in a different country, how cool is that? The first book is in New York, the one that follows is set in Venice after that , Rio then Paris and then Eygpt (and a couple of glimpses in to 'hell'). The last book which I read, 'Lost in Town' ended with the characters heading to Londontown so I am guessing that , that's where 'the Gates of Paradise' will be set and honestly I can't wait ! London is my hometown and I can't wait to read about Schuyler, Jack , Oliver , Mimi and the rest of the gang strolling down the same streets that I walk around on a daily basis!

If you love to read fashion magazines like Teen Vogue and idle over hollywood hits like 'Gossip Girl' and 'The Vampire Diaries' or have any interest in romance, fashion and a little bit of vampire action with history and some religious inspired concepts then this is the book for you! My favourites are, Masquerade and Lost in Time. So, when you read those keep me updated as I would love to hear what you think of them.

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