Saturday, 25 February 2012

Last Friday Night ♡

I've had such a long week filled with exams, university stress and a little bit of social drama - so when I got home on Friday, all I wanted to do was have a loooong bath and call it a night. But instead, I had a pizza night with my lovely family. Which is a treat, as during the week everyone are so busy with their work and lives, that we barely have much time to relax together. Pizza and Pasta are the only two meals in the house that everyone agrees on eating together !

It's always a good thing, to set aside some time during the week for the family. After all , they are the people who have to deal with us even at our worst and the people who will be there, when everyone else are gone. Plus, you'd be surprised how much fun spending time with them is and what they go through during the week.

So what did you do last friday night?

Stay Blessed,

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