Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Thousand Ramadan Nights

It is now that the gates of heaven have been open, now that the gates of hell have been closed. It is now that the devils have been chained. And it is now that Allah(swt) has given you the chance to live to witness this night, and to inshaAllah witness this blessed month till its end. Remember that He(swt) has granted you the blessing of living to witness this for a reason. (quote taken from}

  Don't waste it. Think. Reflect. Repent. Make A CHANGE.   

It brings me the greatest pleasure to wish everyone reading this blog.... a very happy and BLESSED RAMADAN! 

This holy month, I am going to be introducing a special edition segment to my blog called 'A thousand Ramadan Nights'. Basically, this segment will last for the entire month - during this time, I will be posting up all kinds of advice, tips, duaa's, videos etc on a daily basis (that's every night folks!) to help YOU make the most out of YOUR Ramadan. 

I really cannot wait to get started, Ramadan is my FAVOURITE month of them all and the fact, that this year I will be sharing my journey through it with my readers makes me even more happier!

Inshallah it will all be worth it  


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  1. As the cresent moon is sighted... And the holy month of Ramadan begins.. May Allah bless you with happiness and grace your home with warmth & peace!! zakat calculator


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