Saturday, 18 August 2012

Farewell Ramadan !

It's finally over & that really sad thing about is, it only feels like yesterday I was posting my 'A thousand Ramadan nights' post !

The thing about Ramadan, is every year it comes 10 days earlier and every year, it feels 29 days shorter. This amazing month of blessing and forgiveness and absolute calmness of the soul really leaves you to question your life and your actions. The only thing that you might have at the end of Ramadan, especially me in this case is - regret. Because you always know that you could have done a little better, you could have gone an extra bit further with your prayers and religious activities.

That being said, Ramadan is also a spirtual cleansing period. Honestly, by the end of it I always feel like a new born with a new outlook on life. This year, has been an exceptionally tough journey for me- even through Ramadan it was pretty tough but alhamdulilah the Quran and Allah's rememberance helped me a lot through it. With Eid coming, I will not only be celebrating the end of this blessed holy month but also, my personal journey through this year.

If you are like me and always feel that little bit of regret at the end of it then, look back at everything that you have achieved during the month and those little extra steps you took closer to Allah and Islam.If you have been keeping up with my Ramadan nights series, then of course all you need to do is check your notebook to see how far you have gotten!

IF you haven't done much this year, then it's fine. Just make sure you sort yourself out and keep your soul all set and ready for next year ! It's not over, Allah is still giving you a second chance and just because you feel like you missed the train that is this Ramadan, don't worry you can always catch the next one that will come 10 days earlier!

Now, Ramadan is over - it doesn't mean you can go back to your old ways. The real success of Ramadan, is those who hold on to their faith the days after and keep nurturing it, raising it and making it bigger. Just because you know who is back, doesn't mean you can blame him and do stuff you know in your heart is wrong.

Stay Blessed,

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