Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Blue Blood Series ♡


Right then. There's no easy way for me to admit this but , I'm an addict. I am the worst addict in history. Yes, you read it right, I have an obsession. A dirty, little secret. Something, that can be used as a weakness against me. Want to know what it is? Blue Blood Books.I've always thought that, getting hooked on a book series, was a pointless and a complete waste of time. I mean come on, abandoning my warm bed, for the cold frosty streets of london to stand in a queue waiting for the lastest installment, that I would probably finish in an hour ? Puhleeeease ! (Apoligies to the die hard harry potter fans out there) However, all of that changed when Melissa de la Cruz walked in to my bookshelf and changed my point of view, forever!The Blue Blood series, is literally one of the best books I have ever read in my life. No, I am not exaggerating. It has everything, that I love in a book; it's got romance, hot characters with dynamic personalites, mystery, action, vampires (that don't look like fairies and don't possess a strange emotional attachment to humans) and it's based in a very glamourous setting - the Upper East Side, do I need to say more?

My first impression, when I started reading the Blue Blood series, was that it was a lot like 'Gossip Girl', the setting, the snooty preppy private school teens, the flamboyant houses all seemed to bring me back , to the 14 year old girl in me, who was so intrigued by the Gossip Girl books. On the other hand, the star crossed lovers, the whole vampires living amongst human missions, the burdens that the 'gift' brought with it; also reminded me a lot of my favourite CW show 'The Vampire Diaries'. So whilst reading it, I literally felt like I was reading a 'Gossip Girl' meets 'The Vampire Diaries' collab. I loved it because as a big fan of both shows and novels, I always wondered what would happen if the two tales collabed - and this book definitly did it for me!

Now don't get me wrong, or judge too hastily. Melissa de la Cruz, does more than collaberate upper east side snobs with vampires, she adds her own twist to it as well; making the books even more addictive than they already are. The characters, are all different yet so perfectly compatible with each other. You just end up loving all of them , even the ones you are supposed to hate! For me, reading a Blue Blood book brings me the same pleasure as reading a Teen Vogue or Glamour magazine - it's filled with elite fashion and juicy gossip. For me, reading a Blue Blood book gives me the same rush and excitement as watching a Gossip Girl episode or a TVD and the mystery is just too good to pass.

I really recommend for you guys to read this book, I have to warn you that the first book is not as good as the other books. The reason being, that the first book spends a lot of time introducing you to the characters and the various love triangles and issues between the characters - which is imperative as it makes you understand the other characters more. My favourite book so far, is 'The Van Alen Legacy' , I could not put this book down and  for me it was such a page turner especially since, it ends with the best and worst cliffhanger you could possibly imagine ! I am going to be writing a review on each separate book , so if you are interested you can get a better look at what's happening. This review was simply, to get you as crazy and as hooked as I am !

Stay Blessed ,

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