Saturday, 14 January 2012

Peel Off the Stress ♡

One of the downsides of January, is it's back to school and work season. Which means, dealing with the joys of stress and added work to catch up on because of the winter break. Especially, for schools and universities that like to kick start their January back to school season , with an end of unit exam! Yaaaaay... no. I don't know about you , but when I stress out , my face becomes a breeding ground for bacteria causing acne. Yep, that's right , I break out so bad that even my mother starts telling me to jog on to the dermatoligist and get some help. The worst thing is, I never knew the cause of the breakouts due to the fact, they always like to arrive a week after the stressing event. So, last week whilst preparing for the big exams that I had this week, I decided to stock up on some exfoliating and soothing masks - just so, after I finished all my exams, I'd have a nice treat for my facial skin, to remove all the excess dirt and oil that may have accumulated on it during the week.

The first mask, which I used is the 'exfoliating superfruits mask' - with raspberry scent, that I purchased off Superdrug, for the good price of 99p. My first impression of it when I ripped off the satchet, was that it smelt so good ! The raspberry scent comes off so strongly. The actual mask, consists of a rich creamy texture (for this mask it was a pale colour of lilac, which just added to theme of the product) once you apply it to your face, it covers it up fully - so you definitly need to apply it sparingly and equally around your face. Oh and don't look in the mirror once you're done, otherwise you'd be faced with a purple coloured look-a-like of yourself !

The best thing I liked about this mask, was that once I applied it - it dried quickly and in the 5 - 10 minutes that I was waiting for it to dry , it didn't crack or make my face feel particularily dry, like some masks tend to do. Another thing, was the amazing feeling that I had, when I was washing the mask away - my skin felt instantly soft and velvet like and all the red marks and excess oil around my face and nose, were gone and replaced with soft, porcelain - ish , skin. Lovely. I was so happy, relaxed and just ready to enjoy my weekend exam free and most importantly stress - free !

So what do you do , to get rid of stress acne ?

Stay Blessed,

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