Monday, 9 January 2012

SNOG ! ♡

Ok, so it's January. You're cold. Tired. Overworked and the weather is too dull for words. You can't stop reminincing about last christmas and you've already broken half of your new year's resolutions on a nice juicy big Mac... Don't worry, I feel exactly the same and it's not even halfway through the month yet!

One great way, I found to help cure me of the after christmas season blues , is a nice old visit to the frozen yoghurt cafe near my house called 'Snog'. Apart from the , mouthwatering frozen yoghurt they offer complete with your choice of either fresh fruit, or nut dressing (you can have as much as you want btw) The design of the place is absoloutly gorgeous... it's so pink! Complete, with cheeky little signs on each table that state the seat is reserved for snogging, which my sister and I couldn't stop giggling about whilst guzzling down our delicious frozen treats. It's just a very unique concept I suppose, that makes the place so lively and attractive to go to and try out.

The main Snog in West London, is situated in Westfield and it's ALWAYS packed. I definitly recommend for you guys to check it out. Especially , if you are out with your love, or having a girlie day out - check it out and try out their natural frozen yoghurt with pistachio and chocolate. It's delish! Ofcourse, if you have a sugary tooth, don't worry they have both healthy and less healthy choices at hand. Just ask one of their helpful waiters to give you some advice and they will show you the entire range. Oh and for those who are skeptical about how much of the dressing is put on to their yoghurt or any health and hygenic reasons... they make the yoghurt right in front of you. In my opinion, it's a bit like a frozen yoghurt version of the Subway, for those who love to have a nice, sweet, cold treat to make their day. Oh and the prices ? Well they range at about £3.20 + depending on the size you order, the yoghurt type and the dressing.

Stay Blessed,

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