Thursday, 22 December 2011

Blackberry Curve Review ♡

Hey Lovelies,

Today I am going to be writing an honest and heartfelt post about something that is very dear to my heart ... my blackberry. LOL. But seriously, who doesn't treat their phone like their child?!

I've had my Blackberry Curve 8900 for less than 2 years now and personally, I am not amused. At first, I was really excited - it was like carrying my whole world in a little device, I could stay updated on facebook 24/7 , keep constant communication with my friends through BBM and ofcourse it was so easy to text and stay online and be social. However, after the first year passed by ... thats when things started going downhill. Firstly, the phone is constantly freezing and when it's not freezing it's just being slow or non responsive. Secondly, the BBM app started to bug me ... I don't have anything against my friends (I kept my bbm pin very private so only some people had it) but it was so annoying, to be constantly 'pinged' at 2 am only to find out that you have been added to a useless group conversation with people you dont even know or care about or... someone sent out a broadcast which goes along the lines off ... 'anyone up?' what the fudge?! It's not just that but after updating your phone ... fyi it will always require updates ... the blackberry app service will bug you until you do but, your phone starts to become even more unresponsive, slow and keeps freezing. Not just that, but you'd have to learn how to use the functions all over again and the battery life is so low . I have to carry around an extra fully charged battery with me just in case!

Like many people, I can't live without my phone ; it's always with me. Always. However, recently I have just not even be bothered to check it. I just got a new one - as the old one just went crazy and malfunctioned and only a month after having my old one replaced, the new one has just started malfunctioning. None of the buttons work, the ones that work give you another letter or carry out another job that I didn't even ask for and lastly, I have to keep taking off the battery and putting it back in, just to check my texts ... after ten years of notoriously clicking the scroll button to direct it where I want it to be.

My server is Vodafone ... not T-Mobile , like the picture I posted. Vodafone, is an okay company ... however, they love overcharging. The first few months I got my phone my bill went through the roof ! Their 'minutes text' are 72 hours behind ... so when they tell you that you have 300 minutes left ... they really mean 150 minutes if not less.  However, if you get a warranty for your phone; which by the way you will NEED , they will be able to fix or swap your phone for a new one.  I cannot emphasise how important it is to get your phone a warranty ... yes they will charge you about £5 - £6 a month extra but, it's a really important thing to have if you are purchasing a Blackberry. It will malfunction , it will freeze constantly and you will be always throwing it in anger and frustration.

I personally believe that the BB hype is over-rated. Yes, blackberry's are fun gadgets to carry around and stay in contact with your friends ... but I would not advice anyone in getting one after the experience I have had with my one. Some of my friends have blackberries , they love their phone and they don't mind the technical difficulties that they experience, unlike me they don't mind being constantly bugged on BBM, they have more patience for dealing with their freezing phones and the random malfunctioning 'mood swings' the blackberry usually goes through. They absoloutly LOVE them. I don't.

 The only great thing which I love about the blackberry is , the sleek design and the portable size, I also love dressing my blackberry up with cute covers and checking my e-mails as well as surfing the internet. The pictures that it takes are clear and it has flash! The videos are good definition as well.

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Do you have a Blackberry? What is your experience like using it? Comment & Keep me updated !

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  1. Oh dear I'm still using Nokia E75 your post is not for me ^__^ ... I don't wan't to disappoint you but I prefer Iphone and I planing to buy one next year.... have a nice time with your BB .

  2. Okay, good luck ! haha ... I am considering purchasing an iphone also or maybe the new samsung galaxy because those things are just amazing... blackberries are good too but they can be a hassle however, if you are in to socialising and keeping up with close ones then definitly get a blackberry! :) t

  3. We are on the same side here with the sleek design and the portable size. They actually have this “Blackberry design” thing which pertains to the distinct style of BB phones. On the other hand, really, you’re not so fond of BBM? That’s the one thing I absolutely love about Blackberry phones. You can have real-time conversations with friends in different locations. It’s really like having a messenger application in your phone.

  4. This is quite an honest review about the BB Curve because it is based on your actual experience with the device. Just like you, I also like the physical design of the phone. It’s actually a great device to hold in the hand because it’s nice and curved and sleek, unlike some smartphones that are bulky and thick.


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