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La Sposa ; Bridal Dresses ♡

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La Sposa 2012 Wedding Dresses — Ballgown Bridal Collection | Wedding...

Hello Lovelies ,
Today I am going to be doing a review about a store that I came across a couple of days ago, whilst flicking through one of my various magazines. The store is 'La Sposa' and it specialises in selling gorgeous collections of bridal dresses. Although, I am not getting married anytime soon, I just couldn't resist drooling over these little pieces of custom perfection.

Whilst looking through the bridal dresses, the first thing I noticed is that they are all gorgeous! Each time , I saw one I'd be like 'there can't be a nicer one than this' and then BAM the next dress would be equally if not more beautiful and absoloutly stunning, with a unique twist. They are so classic and if like me, ever since you were about 6 all you dreamt about was having that perfect fairytale wedding (haha dont judge) then these dresses are definitly going to suit your taste.

So if your wedding is coming up soon, or you happen to know someone who is engaged and looking ... I highly recommend for you to check out this store. They have a large range of dresses to choose from , ranging from 'chic' to 'glamourous', 'simple' to 'elaborate' with a classical touch. I've posted a couple of my favourite designs up here ^ so you can see for yourself!

Oh and if your not going to be a bride soon but, like me you cannot help but adore these chic dresses, they also sell wedding and party dresses that are also, posh and molto bello !

La Sposa Official Website:
*it's in Italian, as the brand is Italian - the reason why its so chic!
They do deliveries to selected countries check out this link for more detail and to see if your country / city is listed : 

There is also a bridal store in London, that sells La Sposa designs:

London Brides
17 Seymour Place,

Stay Blessed,


  1. Hey hun, beautiful wedding dresses, following your blog now. Wish you all the best in the world of blogging xoxo

  2. Thank You ! That means so much :) xoxo

  3. Ahaa, some interesting stuff on here..i will stay updated :)

  4. Lovely, thanks Salwa hope you love it!

    lots of love xoxo

  5. Nice job, it’s a great post. The info is good to know!


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