Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year's Eve Dine Out ♡

Ready ... Set ... DROOL!
Wooooody Griiiiiiiill
The other tasteful choices ....
Hey Lovelies,

If your stuck with where to dine out for New Years Eve in London, then look no further than Woody Grill ! This tasteful little turkish restaurant , set in the heart of West London, by Shepherd Bush market , down the street from Westfield ;  is the perfect place to dine in before the clock turns midnight. There are a variety of dishes to choose from , that range from a quick bite burger actually let me rephrase that HUMUNGOUS FULFILLING burger ... to your everyday DELICIOUS rice with a side curry dish. The prices are affordable and they are very generous with how much they fill your plate.

Woody Grill, is by far my family and I's favourite restaurant in West London, actually my dad, sister and I spent last new years eve dining in it. What can I say ... we love it! My favourite thing about the restaurant is the middle eastern vibe that the restaurant is just bursting with - even though Woody Grill is actually a Turkish place ... it's always packed with large families and groups of friends who are out having a typical good night with good food and of course good company.

Which is why , I really reccommend for all you lovely people to check out this place. The food is great, the prices are affordable, the staff is really helpful , the owner  who you will spot like straight away ... is really funny and a generally nice man. I don't know about you but, when I'm out for New Years Eve ... or actually any big night I always like to surround myself with good energy and fun loving people and Woody Grill definitly gives me that. I also, love the fact that when I go there, especially with my family -  there is something that everyone can eat ( my siblings are really picky eaters) and the staff aren't really fussed about any mess you make, they actually come and clean up straight away and are constantly checking up on you ... which is why the place is literally spot less! They also give free complementary bread and two dips when you eat in , as a starter ... and everyone loves yummy free food, right?! [ see above pics]

Two things to look out for when you go there is ... Woody Grill is always crowded and super noisy , so if you're not really in to the loud scene then it's not the place for you. Secondly, before you pay your bill, I really do recommend that you check the price of everything you orded, because they do have a little thing with sometimes getting your bill wrong and sometimes they may overcharge you ... so make sure you doublecheck how much you are supposed to pay before doing so. Apart from that, do check out this New Year Eve , especially if you love fast food, turkish food or you happen to be a crazy fun loving arab , persian or turk because I know you guys love your big meals and big family and gatherings!

Wishing you a very blessed New Year ,

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  1. happy happy new years! hope you have a fantastic time


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