Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Persian Night Out ♡

Lamb Kebab with Rice.

Chicken Briyani
Hey Lovelies,

Sunday is not my favourite day of the week I don't know why, but it always seems so dreary and typically boring in England ; mainly because all the shops close early and Monday comes afterwards. So all I really do is stress over the upcoming tasks I have to do for next week. Not Fun. However, this Sunday was different - my cousins came over all the way to London to come and spend the day with us, so obviously we had to go out and show them around a bit.

We took them off to Bayswater, where spent the evening walking around Whitely and the nearby stores and then dining at Sadaf Persian Cuisine.

I've never tasted Persian Food before, so this was my first time and honestly, I loved it. I definetly advice you guys to check out 'Sadaf Persian Cuisine'  and try out their Chicken Briyani, if you don't like chicken you can always try lamb or vegetable option because they offer that too. It's so delish! In terms of location, I'd say that the restaurant is set in the heart of London (Bayswater) it's quiet simple to track down and it's the perfect environment for a first date, a catch up with a friend or a family night out. When we went there, it was really quiet and a bit empty hence, they were able to seat all of us! However, I doubt it's always that empty. So ... yeah ... it's definitly worth visiting and spending the evening dining in. Keep in mind, it's not the place to casually walk in to and request service ... it's a bit posh for that .

Overall, it was a really nice night out with the family (it's always great to catch up with loved ones). What did you do last weekend that was fun? Comment and keep me updated!

Until then ...Stay Blessed,

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