Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My Holiday Nails ♡

Tis' The Season To Be Jolly !

La Colours : Anitique Burgundy

La Colours : Sparkling Diamonds Top Coat
Hey Lovelies,
I have been in such a bubbly christmas spirit lately and I just had to paint my nails in accordance to the season ; just as a fun way to express myself and it also makes a fun post for you guys !One of my all time goals is to enjoy christmas and make the most out of the festive season. Sparkles and the colour Red always remind me of the fun season, so by painting my nails in the two colours ; I always have the remainder of 'enjoy christmas' with me ... on my nails - in a totally cute way!
The look is so simple, anyone can do it and what I've basically done is used one coat of the 'La Colours; Antique Burgundy' as the base... I've only applied one coat because two coats came out really dark and a bit murky in my opinion. After the colour dried (it didn't take that long ... around a couple of seconds really) I applied the 'La Colours ; Sparkly Diamonds' as a top coat and it literally caused my nails to become instantly glamourous and sparkly! Yaaay !
I really advice you guys to try out this look, not only is it so simple but it's really fun, it goes with the theme of the month ad it really inspires you to have fun and make the most out of the month and in general life. I absoloutly love it, I can't stop looking at my nails and I would definetly rock this look for a christmas party and maybe even new years eve.
Some Extra Advice : If you don't like red then why not try other fun christmasy colours like green ... I was tempted to choose the colour for sparkles but I couldn't help picking silver just because it's super sparkly, lovely and totally fun. The silver contrasts really well with the burgundy and it sparkles in the light; making it extra cute to wear.
What do your holiday nails look like ? Have you tried this look ? If so keep me posted ! & Follow me on twitter ...
Stay Blessed,

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